MyUW shows a hold on tight my account, so what does which means that?

MyUW shows a hold on tight my account, so what does which means that?

Holds prevent the aid of disbursing to you personally for a number of reasons. Usually, holds are positioned because we have been missing requested documents; may very well not be registered for the quantity of credits your help is established for, or you might not have completed sufficient credits in the earlier quarter or previous academic year. There was information regarding the kind of holds in your MyUW account under school funding status and you’re welcome to get hold of us with any questions that are remaining simple tips to resolve the hold(s) on the help. Additionally it is crucial that you constantly check always your UW e-mail, via email with regards to the paperwork we need from you as we will also notify you.

Exactly What FAFSA do I need to complete for the summer quarter year?

The FAFSA that you finish for the autumn quarter is similar one which we’re going to used to figure out your summer time quarter eligibility. The kinds and levels of help available are restricted. Find out more about summer time help. You will must also complete summer time Application at MyUW school funding reputation. It really is available April that is beginning 1st. Husky Promise is certainly not section of summer term.


Year how can I tell if my aid is ready for the school?

You should check your educational funding reputation on MyUW. […]